MiWay Solutions Testimonial… from a satisfied client

Adam Clay, Global VP Sales of Mendix Corp, sent this testimonial following John’s decision to move on to new challenges after a job well done getting Mendex UK off to a world-class start (read more about that here):

John –

On behalf of the entire sales team, thank you for all of your contributions – which are a very many indeed and too many to list only here.

Among them, however, what always stood out to me was the leadership you demonstrated in showing all of us what was possible with how our platform could be sold. That was important, particularly as we turned the corner coming into this year. You really pushed the envelope at LV with a test and learn license, distinguished us from a crowded field of industry applications at Friend’s Life, and seeded a major account with a platform license at Catlin, all while building a foundation of big-name customers from which the UK business can really scale (let it be known you also showed a lot of poise under fire and grit when it came down to getting this deals done inside of quarters).

These are innovative and impactful deals that we’ll take forward with us as part of the Mendix playbook, and they serve as reminders always of what is possible for us all.

Finally, I have to say a word about the team you assembled in the UK and are leaving with us. They are world-class group of individuals and their presence here says as much about your impact as anything else – without you, we simply wouldn’t have them on our team. And they are terrific! That really says a lot, John.

A sincere thanks from all of us at Mendix for everything. Ride safely – and please send pictures.

Adam Clay
Global VP Sales
Mendix Corp.